Why is the ROOM Meeting Room compliant for omission of sprinkler installation?

The roof system of our modular Meeting Room features a UL listed (UL33) fusible link which actuates when heated above 135F, causing the two skylight sections of the roof to open and allow for water from the building sprinkler system to enter the unit. A 47.8-inch wide section of the roof will remain an obstruction. However, the width and length of the obstruction created by the unit roof, when in the open position, is less than 4 feet. 4ft is the maximum width of an obstruction permitted to be non-sprinkler protected in both the IBC (903.3.3) and NFPA 13 (

The intent of NFPA 13 is that the width of an object is the lesser of the two horizontal dimensions (with the length being the longer horizontal dimension). As such, sprinkler protection is not required under objects where the length is greater than 4 feet and the width is 4 feet or less. Therefore, when the roof is in the open position the unit design meets the obstruction requirements of the IBC and NFPA 13 in both orientations. The unit should be placed in areas where the distance from the top of the unit to the bottom of the sprinkler deflector is greater than 18-inches.

Some AHJ require more stringent requirements for the buildings and in those cases, we can provide an access point for sprinkler installation.

Please reach out to us at support@room.com if you have additional questions.

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